If you happen to own your own website, you may have installed google analytics to track your web stats. You might write a kickass post that’s been dugg, retweeted, or otherwise talked about on your favorite social media site and thought to yourself, “I know there’s a spike happening in my traffic, but I want to see it nooooow!”

Well, whine no longer, my friends. It’s Woopra to the rescue!

Woopra is a real time website tracking service. You can either install its javascript code directly into your site, or install one of the many CMS plugins developed for it. You download the multi-platform desktop client and voila! You have real time access to all the visits on your website. You can sort users by geography, by referrer, and  just about any other statistic you can track. There’s a feature coming soon will enable to initiate live chat sessions with visitors on the site.  Woopra is also free up to 30,000 pageviews a month. Be careful though, watching your own meteoric rise to internet fame can be addictive.