Be Worth Criticizing

It’s easy to point at Reality TV and call it the end of civilization, but that hasn’t stopped the office betting pools and water cooler analyses that pop up with every season of Survivor. And we think, why do these people get to be on TV? How can someone be famous for having no shame? What do they have that I don’t have? Besides extreme narcissism? It turns out that even in the infinite video universe, there is something to be said about being simply present for your 15 minutes of fame. You can garner a grudging respect for doing something spectacularly stupid because people have noticed it, and are making remarks. You become remarkable. We actually avoid taking risks and doing what needs to be done in our work because we are afraid of being noticed and criticized.

Fortunately for those of us who are not reality TV stars, we can take advantage of gifts that we actually have, like education, experience, and perseverance. It is not a foregone conclusion that we’ll be picked apart like those poor souls on The Jersey Shore. Being noticed, being worth criticizing puts you in front of more people, and gives you more chances to connect. Sure, you’ll have your detractors, but you are just as likely to find people who will cheer you on too. So tell people about yourself and what you do. Write that blog, record that youtube video, and post those photos. It’s your story.