I’m in 30×500!

In a world of sweeping societal change, deadly pandemics, and the creeping spectre of climate change, what can a man do to better himself, his loved ones, and civilization itself?

Well, this man took a marketing course on the internet. Sure, there are worse things I could be doing. I could’ve been renovating and flipping houses, for instance. I admit it’s an underwhelming outcome, but when there’s so much uncertainty, you have to invest in the one resource that’s actually in control: yourself.

I picked a course called 30×500. It’s run by Amy Hoy and Alex Hillman, two very prominent people in my industry. They call it 30×500 because if you create a book, a podcast, or software that 500 people will pay $30 a month for, it works out to $15,000 a month, which is not a bad living.

I’m not sure I’ll make that much. In fact I’ll be ecstatic if I make the tuition back. What I’m really excited about is all the structure that I’ll be giving to all these side projects I’ve had over the years. I’m like most creative people. I come up with ideas constantly, but I don’t have a framework to execute it or get the kind of money to keep working on my ideas. The “30×500 approach” involves choosing and studying audiences so I can come up with the kind of ideas that will provide value. So, I can keep looking for shiny new things to work on, but this way I can find ways to justify them.

You can find out more about this course at stackingthebricks.com. Of course, I’m not just telling you about this because you’re all smart people and I like you. This is course work! I need to tell my audience (that’s you) about all of these new projects that I’m doing if I ever expect them to launch. That’s why I’ve now got a mailing list. I will need you to head to www.james-strocel.com and enter your e-mail into the sidebar. That way my blog posts will head to your mail box no matter what the algorithms on your social media have to say about it. Thanks in advance!

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